Spiritual Linen

“Don’t dress yourself in the ideologies of Faith alone, and claim all is well with a sinful tongue. Dress yourself in the ways of Faith and carry out the deeds that justify it.”

Like Trap Doors: The Formidable Opposition of the Heart

Don’t walk in the shadows of another’s life trying to pick up the broken pieces of their happiness pretending their yours.
No matter how you try to make the pieces fit they will NEVER make YOU whole.
Truth will always outweigh the delusion of desire
Your steps were not made to walk the lines of another’s.
Yet with callous palms and bruised feet you stumbled across unmarked planes
Allured by the promises of the formidable opposition of the heart, chasing foreign dreams.
Like trap doors you fell within the seams
Back into the shadows to collect the broken pieces of disconcerting memories
Desperate and so blind to what your heart is truly seeking…

Follow the voice inside and break free