Subtle Exchanges of Acknowledgement

Intimate moments of laughter
Secret embraces
An experience hidden but written so obvious upon my face
My resistance tires me physically and I don’t want to seem desperate by I just want this to be.
The space between us is towering and the heaviness of its shadow contorts my thoughts creating vibrations of uncertainty.
How I wish I didn’t get so wrapped up the “could be’s” and ease of chemistry
But they are like giants at the very thought of you…at the thought of us becoming we. I didn’t want this to become poetic but my soul clearly has something to say. In the eve of this stirring of emotions I can see your smile, how comforting it is to relive the silent moments, unspoken gesture’s.
So flowetic in nature.
Your hand upon mine, in unison we breath (damn these thoughts) as our audience of nightly shadows celebrate in a rhythmic dance, I arch my back for the grand finally. To define this fixation…mmm I can’t explain it, and it’s not just the physical cause I’ve got more restraint…then…that…
How did I get so deep into this!
I thought I had more restraint but I just can’t explain it. I am fixed in the movement, the aroma, the anticipation of these subtle exchanges.
But you don’t see it…you don’t see it…you don’t see me


12 thoughts on “Subtle Exchanges of Acknowledgement

    1. Thanks Bree! Actually all the pieces that comprise of Teeth flesh..Spear to Heart are about two different relationships. One is the Teeth to Flesh which I’ve only added a snippet of in the pieces “She” and The realization of an unattainable love, all others reflect the Spear to Heart relationship in the catagory. I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.



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