The realization of the unattainable love

It’s a funny kind of year
There has been a silence in this heart for
Love coated with past fears
Can’t shake the feeling the yearning
The longing desire to feel warmth upon my cheek
Ohh yes, it is a funny kind of year
To feel the kindness of your touch as your fingers wrap around my waist
Bodies lunging toward another; our thoughts resonate loudly throughout the room
Grip tightening
We… now one…breathe to the beat
Shimmers of short laughter and goose bumps flatter your work
This melodic dance, each movement so fluid…no beginning…no end
Just passion in the rawest of fashion
As these sheets meet every curve of this body
You climb deep…in…side
Lips fixed in the emotion
You seem to know my every wanting move
My body responds, voice breaking silence
With an ever intoxication… mmmmm
You react…grip tight…hand in hand
Our bodies so alert, unyielding from the others touch
I find your lips so delicate and loving traveling my land
So exposed and welcoming to your every embrace
It is in this moment, your compassion your embrace I treasure so much….
Yet in time I will find myself without
In a room once filled with passion, enclosed in the emotions of love
Now left to chase the shadows of your presence still lingering across these walls
While hands delicately drift across the currents left deep within sheets…short memories of our moment fall back into view
Yet in waking…
Reaching for your touch, I find myself only reaching through dream
Ohhh this funny kind of year
Such a heart so eager has once again fallen into a harlequin’s spell, a declaration of peccancy
To seek what has become so familiar
Battling this mind which knows all too well that you were never mine to hold so sacred
…such an eager heart I do withhold for this is not your faille my love but a never ending internal battle that fails to yield
…Only such a vice of lust and desire…secrecy and deceit can bring this eager heart into great displacement…
A love affair destroyed before the start

…Ohhh, it’s a funny kind of year



2 thoughts on “The realization of the unattainable love

    1. Solyn,

      Thanks for the reply and I’m glad you enjoyed The realization of the unattainable love. This piece is in reference to the “Teeth to flesh” side of a collision of love affairs so to speak. I have much to say about this “person” just haven’t found the strength to sit down and let it out. This piece came about a good 2 months into the relationship and the truth of the situtation punched me square in the face (with no warning).

      Again I’m glad you enjoyed.



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