Upon dust settled, lays a somber love

It’s quiet in the space in which you once filled. The color of joy and excitement has faded and torn at the seams of possibility. I stand before a collection of could have been’s, such a pretty picture they paint. Now put aside, tucked away in the thought of us. Our conversations echo from the separation that has pushed it’s way in, I tried to hold up the resistance from my end but when I reached for your hand I was met by the idea of you…that’s when I knew… all good things aren’t meant to be despite what the heart thinks or should I say wants or what the mind becomes fixed on, adhering emotions that are more or less wasted in the passing of countless hollow hours…at times its best to let it go…allow the gap to fill. A void once thought to be rid of, never really left. I was deluged in the ideals of happiness…(never felt so desperate in my life) glorifying everyday gestures for suggestive interest when it was merely a smile and hello…Hello! Perhaps I’ve underplayed you ability to play the game but I never excepted a challenge I only wanted you…
You to see me as I do you…I feel I’m just wasting time waiting for what is not meant to be…chasing the idea of love, chasing the idea of…..You


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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