With loss breeds a void…darkness shall not prevail


The consequences of events that fall within a dream can have the same affect within the natural world. Today I feel ghost like, living only in the halo of a past life. Hands to touch but I can’t seem to feel, the nature of life…breath in…breath out, seems hollow and pointless as if the instinct has faded along with the night. Upon heavy eyes deep within this alternate world I felt a part of me come to an end, watching my own memorial progression rise at the sound of my name. I walk along the pews gazing at the beauty in the faces of loved ones, like a sea of HIS glory they rejoiced and the reality of death swept over me like an ocean breeze ahead of a summer storm…warm and inviting. I turn away out of fear only to find myself peering down at my reflection…glowing in the amber light, so still, so peaceful. My belly fills with panic as confusion clutters my mind…is this just a dream or my call home. With an uncontainable flood of emotion I whisper my deepest feeling and final good bye’s to each. Whether this a dream or reality I accept this fate as a piece of me if not my all has come here to rest and I will hold no sorrow but bask in the glory of this moment the Lord has prepared. As I sat along with loved ones my eyes grew heavy and a sense of weightlessness fills by my body as if I were drowning from the inside. I open my mouth to speak but in unison all around quietly say “hush child, I am here” as if one voice… it was then that I felt the Lords presence and with a smile I was set free.



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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