A Whisper

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Corrupting those who are naïve
Stabbing beneath the fold
Ripping and tearing at how they see the world
Shattering their pride
Which now you behold
Their sanctuary no longer existing
Your heart grows cold
You speak of your implicit faith
Which you explicitly adjure
Their minds are so agile
That they believe in what they hear
Vividly experiencing their most imaginable fears
Do you like the feel of hatred and heartless desire?
Does it bring you to tears?
Or do you cringe at the thought of emotions?
For you are who is feared
You asperity shall expire and you shall be inane to all that are here
Your speeches become inaudible and vehement
Now a strong eminence in life has grown increped
For you no longer have control
NOW do you like the feel of hatred and heartless desire?
As your tears unfold
Or do you aspire for a pious soul?
Your asperity expired
Your now inane to all whom are here
You cringe as you feel it coming near
A child’s voice whispers softly in your ear

Now you feel the wrath of fear



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