El actor mediocre: (BARNSTORMER)

I’ve walked this path with a perplexing grail
Lain with an intricate bounty so full and enticing
Yet it’s baleful devise binds these hands to its polished curvatures and décor
As if it were a reward to carry such a burden
Inward this gleaming dish of spite
Strikes the vary heart
That clatters recklessly against this weary chest
A fruitless mind once full of luster
Barren on the floor
Bellows in a delicate note
“Shake thee from this heavy…deep… sleep…
Do it now…Do it…now…”
Oh how I’ve tried but this load grows with every fragile step
Knee deep in the masses left behind by this generous chalice upon this animate vessel
Jouncing and heaving its pungent cargo along this earth of stone and wood
How far must I go?

This passage seems unbounded…uprooted
Left only to be trailed by the forgotten
However my steps are all that are seen and still I shall not relent
Esta mente raja y liga…Tome mi mano y nunca ande otra vez
(This mind cracks and bends…Take thy hand and never walk again)
These words bluster and whisper in a chanting harmony
Echoing between ground and sky
Forcing this craft of flesh and brass to quake and undulate

: Crying crocodile tears
Forever more I will try!

Esta mente raja y liga
I was destined for this life!

Tome mi mano y nunca ande otra vez
I must fight…I must go on!!

“Shake thee from this heavy…deep…sleep…
Shake thee now…Do it…(now)

It’s this moment that binds you
Conforms your shadow into mine
It’s this moment that binds you
Tome mi mano y nunca ande otra vez

It’s these words that betray you
Corrupting your dreams
Turing your thoughts into those which were mine

Take this chalice and drink too…
Allow these pleasures to make you heavy
Render yourself and exhaust this grail of its treasures

“Release thee from this heavy…deep…sleep”
It’s yours now…it’s yours…now

Take my hand and never walk again. Awake the beast inside. I release you from your worries but in exchange I give you this grail this chalice this life
Break me from this heavy deep sleep, do it now. Do it now.
Take my hand and walk with me. Walk with me in the deep…deep sleep. Take my hand I beg of you. Do it now…do it now…

I beg of you do it now
tome mi mano y nunca ande otra vez. Despierte la bestia
dentro. Le libero de sus preocupaciones pero en el cambio le doy este grial
este cáliz… esta vida
Me rompe de este sueño profundo pesado, hágalo ahora… hágalo ahora.
Tome mi mano y paseo conmigo.
Paseo conmigo en el sueño profundo profundo ….
Tome mi mano que pido
Pido de usted … lo hace ahora



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