Enfant Eyes

I disconnect only to reconnect to your world the lines between mark blurry territories
Unable to see…
You speak of give ness…never to let go
Yet what’s given isn’t always wanted and what’s wanted never is too much to behold
So yes I still yearn for what I’ve known
For that was a time when those lines where solid no matter how hard the foundation would fall
That’s a true connection an unrelenting find of true love
I can’t break the chain and at this moment I won’t go
But to clear the fog between you and I
Is like straining to dig a whole within a concrete wall
Trapped in the unconscious flow of what’s right and wrong
Can’t get a grip these ropes are getting harder to hold
Still with each new rise of day a better understanding approaches
However the war is not in your favor
Your inability to see all I’ve found pains me
Yet I’ll continue to remain sound
I’m not trying to fight or open someone’s mind to that which is I
No longer do I want to explain my reasoning’s, inquisitions or divides
I want to be able to look to my right and know that when the earth shifts
That She means you and He, I together we form a foundation
A sound concentration on what we have together and an understanding
Of I to He as to He of I
Of which we do not have and I no longer want to try…
This jaded heart has bled for the last time!



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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