Girl in the wreckage

Within the flood waters of lost souls stands a girl
singing in the wreckage unmarked and unharmed… she belts out to you…wash
away your fears.

When I found the snake in the basket the baby wouldn’t laugh anymore.


The Peddlers Wife


4 thoughts on “Girl in the wreckage

    1. Thanks for the post. This was actually in reference to a reoccurring dream I had over the course of a 3 week period. It came like a cigarette burn in a film like when they switched reels but in slow motion. I’d be in the middle of a vivid lucid dream and I always knew when it was going to happen because I would hear or smell the ocean and then there was this little girl in the middle of a mass violent flood. This dream was many years before the devastating floods of current times which is rather unsettling and makes it even more surreal. Granted I’m not making any correlation but as the mind works to make associations with experience to catalogue memories I find the memories of this dream linked to such occurrences. I hope that doesn’t come across as talking in circles. None the less I’m glad you enjoyed



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