2 thoughts on “Lucidity

  1. I am a lucid dreamer, but what I read here makes me laugh. The luitcdiy I experience came from first being able to recognize that a dream is a dream. Have you ever been aware that you are dreaming? Then, you can manipulate the dream factors. I have never been able to create a dream, but I control many elements. I don’t have nightmares anymore, because I’ve learned to recognize them and change the factors in my favor. The article quoted above seems crazy to me. Instead, try to recognize common elements in repetitious dreams. If you can figure out your are dreaming, you can easily control the dream.


    1. Yousuf,
      Thank you for the feedback. If you are referring to some of the links associated with the poem, I too don’t fully agree with them. However, I thought such a contrast in perspective would be good for argument sake. As for being aware that I am dreaming; I am aware most of the time. When I began the 365 days of a lucid dreamer, I would focus a lot on controlling the dreams. Within weeks, however I found that I was extremely fatigued because my body and mind was never at rest. Do you find yourself in bouts of sleep deprivation or “the feeling of” sleep deprivation? I trialed a few test across a couple months and got the same results when I intensified my focus to control my dreams. I have found my comfort in staying in third person during dreams and only intervening when necessary. Granted, that may sound impossible, absurd or simply b.s. to many, but I’m sure you may have experienced something similar. As a lucid dreamer have you ever experienced what I call “The Dali Effect”? It’s when the context of a lucid dream bleeds into the surrounding of the room your in during the awakening stage. It doesn’t happen as often as it did when I was more focused on control but it’s a very magical moment. It’s like peering into the window that separates truth and fantasy. How is your recall of dreams? One thing that posses a challenge for me is that the memories of a dream experience can get improperly cataloged with those that occur in reality (not looking forward to old age). But truly, where else can they be stored?

      Sorry for being long winded but I get excited when I get to speak with someone who understands true lucid dreaming.

      Cheers to you and thanks again.


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