Million Miles Away: A Letter to a dear friend

You’re so silly! Thanks for
brightening my day with a response I’ve been checking all day hoping to hear
back from you. You really know how to make a girl cheese hard. You may not know
it; well of course you don’t know it but your one of my best kept secrets. You
always projected this…well it would be easier for me to break it down like

Lives parted by the wind and earth
Yet mirrored in compassion for the same truth
A path marked by he above
Yet the sun rise weighs heavy to one side
Forcing an overbearing desire for I to reach into your mind
However the painting depicted breads a different future with a halting present
With arms stretched and vision strong I had to resist temptation to purse this truth once thought shared for those involved in the shadows of my life
For the beginning had begun and fear had set in
Sucked into the torrent of insecurity, uncertainty and misguided hope
I was never to know what that truth felt like or if it existed at all
That force became my best kept secret
My “what could have been”
Please rest a sure these words are no more than an over due unveiling of this hidden truth held within
A truth accepted
A mystery unknown
A life before or not yet taken
Simply a realization that truth even a million miles away can be found in the love of a friend

Your Girl 4-life



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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