Official “I”

I’m tired of writing about heartache, this seemingly
contagious path of ungrateful love compiled with deceit…defeat. I’m sick of writing about you , this heart.

Could never understand why the truth is so hard to speak of.
Such lies flow from fermented lips across moment plains into my heart. why….
I’m so wore out expressing the pain I hold inside a feeling not meant to be so familiar however it is the only one I can rectify, understand…feel comfort from….comfort…This whole story has been so unfair especially at a time when the right thing is only rewarded with manipulation and animosity. How many times will it take…I must press restart….yet how many times will it take for this story to play out right…how many times is it gonna take until I just entirely fall apart I can’t take the weight of this solemn cloud it’s shadows disguise your underlining truths…fuck do I hate you… for that…yes? Even now my words flow carelessly across this mechanical page of emptiness….I guess that’s the only relationship I hold that works…my only friend, lover, my inanimate partner…this digital ink and pen. It tears at my chest to watch so many stumble over their convictions, their TRUTHS their insightful acts. To whom it may
concern, just let it…I mean me go. There’s nothing left to be hurt, only anger
and hated festers in the void deep in the core of my earth.

Be the first

Let it go

Don’t make it worse

Just let go

Neither can take the hurt

Be the first…

I can’t do this anymore



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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