Qudradic Temple

Stuck between invisible walls
Reality only skin deep to you
On a night like this
I’m pushed aside under lock and key
Only to be unwrapped for pleasure
I can see in your mind

(You want to touch me)

I yearn for what you want to do
You said you loved me
When you crept inside
My limbs are do for repair
My threads tasseled and sheared
My flesh worn
Bones bare

To you my value diminished
In your arms I’ll lye here
You strapped my ribbon to tight
Wipe the blood from my ears
And on a night like this
There’s no sight within these invisible walls
You reach inside my world
I look deep inside your soul
Tainted by your prints again

Stricken needle
Shoving it in
Bind me to the stage
I’ll play the role
And on a night like this
As I faint back
The crease of that pleasured touch
Kiss me with that rusted tool
Taste me with that wicked tongue
Bind me to this soiled stage

(Only on a night like this)

You’ll be the sun
I the moon
My sera descents withers
And drowns as the wilder beasts
Swoons to the chorus of my unlocked gate
Twining together
The echoes of these hollow walls fill
The night with widowed screams
Strike again soften arrow
I’ll be your every nightmare
A fantasy debloom
Ease your flesh into mine
The silence of the serpent snake
Slithers up my spine
Collapsing my lung
I died in your eyes

And only on a night like this

Within these invisible walls
I can finally see outside



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