I wanna know love…

I wanna feel the heartache…the lows and the highs

I wanna experience the breath taking moments

I wanna jump right in

I wanna surrender my all like an open book and hand love the pen

I wanna feel the pain of love walking out just to feel the joy of loves return

I’ve shook the hand of a mediocre love many times before…the lack of discretion, insignificant gestures…the I love you’s and faulty attempts at hands in marriage

Countless times of unknowing how precious love truly is…disregarding the signs, creating infractions between the true connection of love..and…I

A relationship regretfully scorn

I miss love…the expression…the intensity that it defines

The restlessness, the confusion

The screams and frustrations

The buoyant emotes of flattering conversation to the passionate vibrations of loves most intimate illustrations

I just wanna know love

The smell, the warmth of love’s embrace

Even in the slightest touch my entire being yields to love’s commands

Feeling translucent…

My belly flutters and my breath reverberates in my chest as my soul awakens to love’s presence

Blind to the world with just a glimpse of loves face

Overwhelmed and silently yearning  for more,  peace and serenity rolls over like water upon earth refueling my awareness that love has found me… and I…he

Just the murmur of my name upon loves lips makes my heart race

Weightlessness consumes my atmosphere when love speaks; it is in the voice of love that carries me

Contorted by nature of this ancient dance, the fluidity of our steps…an abundance of happiness transforms…fueling the wonderment of “WE”

I miss that love

Oh how I wanna know that love

Patiently awaiting loves return…a trial that sit heavy across my heart

Fulfillment can only be restored by loves presence…loves acceptance… and desire to love….me

I wanna know love

But it is I love no longer recognizes

For in all that I hoped and dreamed to find in love

Love has found in… “She”

There no longer is luster in the ideal of “WE”

Even though separation is indefinite, I can’t shake the feeling…

I must think of “She”

There no longer is luster in the ideal of “WE”

To overcome this travesty….Like a thief in the night my heart, my glow, my laughter has been ripped from me

Sulking with inaudible cries…I steady my focus

Yet I must think of “She”

I once knew love…

Yet there no longer is luster in the ideal of “WE”

I once knew love…

But I set it free

Because to know love is not to have love and his love belongs to “She”



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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