Sunday Pedals: Mechanical Defects Accidents

Ode to my dear friend:

Inverted memories of our courtship stretch through my dreams like
Sunday pedals upon winter travesties

I stand before you again
…Ol’ friend
Head hung and face bear
Walking along these bad stones in a silence pregnant with dissolution edged by a menacing glow
In the shadows of night your presence is so ominous and becoming that even the smallest gleam of your face will draw me close. Your light undulates across the lands like a thick fog revealing your velvet contour writhing and heavy upon early minds. As I stand before you again

Ol’ friend
Head hung and face bear
A seasons change blows overbearing and steadfast
Demanding my recognition
To get carried in its gusts of fermenting lies and deceit
Would be our eradication, dug up from root to stem
Never to see my dear Ol’ friend again
However, it’s only your enlightenment I seek

Peaceful and easy I shall follow
Transformed by a weeping mothers embrace
Limbs gaunt and frail she cradles me as her own
Her frame sways and howls performing her ritual dance
Alone in your eyes she performs for you her nightly chants
In heart I find a story of true romance



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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