Suspicious Enterprise

The proposed endeavors of your heart seemed so clear then
Awash with constant reminders of your interest and curiosity
Raced across technology into mind
Phrases full of enticing gestures and romantic verbiage
Skin touched at hand tips…wrapped in a visible union
A social acceptation of love from a humble man…
A bond of soul and mind… a commencement sought to good to be true
Its unpredictability out weighed itself,
Falling to the base,
Drifting at its end…
That which was prophesized breeds truth to our demise
Such a predictable disaster tumbled before us
There was no need to brace ourselves
Our plummet was inevitable… In the belly of misfortune our passion dispelled
However, twice the blow… the devils dust kicked up fast
It was all moving to quickly
Selfish games played rejected emotions resisted one another’s blasts
Now what seemed destine feels abstracted and hazy
A surmised compromise of…slow conversation… no worries just waiting
Yet it seems your image of us has gone blind
Once two hearts fell for one another…so genuine, a vision so divine
The bounty we held so pure in what was thought to be love
The type so feared by everyone
Trampled in the fury of our whole hearted disaster
Composed of promises denied, doubts and cold laughter



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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