Underbelly of the Beast

A numbness flows through my body with an endearing grace
Listless and threadbare
My frame is stretched out and un-kept
With such delicacy rapt with desire
Yet fictile and helplessinterwoven with the underbelly of self regret
My thoughts give way to dissolution
Responding to the ever growing darkness
This creaking attic, this crown of thorns
My heart unravels embracing its battle sword
Giving off an unnatural echo
Colorless and raw
My voice barren and hollow

Oh how it echo’s (So peaceful…So deep)

Invisible and fragile lying on the underbelly like an unborn child
Hopeless and transparent
Only vivid thoughts are reflected
I can no longer feel myself breath
Like a ghost from its shell my thoughts and dreams walk before me
As I lay here numb and breathless

Waiting for release… (so peaceful…So deep)

In the underbelly of the beast


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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