Simplicty at best defeats the perfectionist mind

As I am gathering up all my sketches, notes and quick paintings I find myself battling my mental self’s desire in perfecting the vision rather than relying on spirit and passion to guide the brush when the time comes. Perhaps it’s idea overload and I need to step back and assimilate a collection that best suites this season I’ve found myself in. I can practically smell the turpintine and linseed oil, cannot wait to start painting again. It’s far far over due


2 thoughts on “Simplicty at best defeats the perfectionist mind

    1. In line to the perfectionist mind and barricades of desire for acceptance while aligning with the spiritual yearning to follow the one true path and appeasing the Lord and not man. Removing the self and psychological “Id” in life’s purists, replacing it with the words of the Lord and subjecting to His guidance I found this writers’ piece called “The Space between absence and presence” to compliment what you note in “Overcoming the need to be perfect”.

      Thanks for the pinback



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