A Million Dollar Adventure

It’s mid-day and the grand spiral driveway is hoarded with a collection of metal, glass and rubber well worth more than 200Mil. yet their sparkle and gleam holds no distraction to the grand construct of this multi estate I find myself drifting toward as if it were a place well known.   Trickling in with the masses we all scurry up the stairwell like sheep’s in a flock, the closer we get the brighter the light becomes as if ascending to the heavens. Once above the noise of chatter, live music and children’s laughter roars through my head and vibrates my chest. I make way through the crowd as if I know of my destination, conflicting thoughts chase back and forth across my mind…”where am I”…”Where are they, they said to meet next to the bar”…”Who are they and why am I here”. None the less I keep moving. The place looks like some overpriced exotic getaway hotel propped on the roof of this estate fit for an entire village. I stop at a corner bar that seemed less crowed and waited, looking around at all the beautiful faces, none of which I’ve seen before. There’s a three piece jazz band to the right of me, strumming and blowing away at their instruments, which are being drowned out by the static hum of the crowd and other music in the distance. Finally two young men and a lady approach, all about the same age and excited to see me. The young lady takes my hand and without a word I follow them back into the crowd. We stop at a short stairwell that leads to some sort of room. The girl mouths “This is the kid’s area”, and without hesitation I open the door to a three level room the size of a single family home with panoramic windows full of kids ranging in ages of 3 to 18. Searching around I find my nieces and nephews and most importantly my son playing and running around like they have been on a sugar binge for the last 24 hours. With a quick hug and a kiss my little one is off to join the swarm of busy feet and joyous laughter. I sit for a minute to take it all in; I find no greater joy than to see my son happy, healthy and enjoying time with his family and friends.

Stepping back into to the congestion of liquor mixed with high dollar cologne and perfumes I see my sister and husband atop this high rise of velvet carpeting, marble and flowers as if king and queen of the village ball. Focusing on my surroundings I see that there are political officials sputtered and scattered amongst the crowd belting their swan songs in attempts to win over their amusers like two faced jackals, such meisters of self indulgence.  One woman in particular catches my eye and an alarming sense of unease floods over me, activating nervous twitches and mild paranoia…”who is this woman?” I think to myself. Walking away from the discomfort of her presence I am abruptly stopped by a group of what some may call hooligans but clearly their appearance does not fit their true self as they greet me with a proper handshake and a smile. One is carrying an elongated bag and as he begins to open it he tries to whisper something to me but I cannot make of what he is trying to say over the robust noise of the fortune 500 and its cronies. Then with a blink, silence and panic all at once brake out across the crowd as the man pulls out a massive shotgun, however I don’t feel as if I’m in danger and he doesn’t appear to want to create harm, yet he and the remaining men are quietly escorted out with simple words of “guns are not allowed in here”. At that point I feel on high alert as everyone is nervously whispering and jabbing away as I walk by as if I were an accomplice to what could have been a tragedy. One high stakes roller approaches me, taunting, expressing vulgar gestures and even throwing his drink at me. Being the woman I am, I don’t back down therefore this high class jokester had met his match. I gracefully wipe myself off and walked over to the man’s table snatching him by his neck and dragging him to the poolside. With his screaming and hollering, I had a full audience to expose his childish ways and didn’t care that my dress was a little crooked on the right side revealing a teal blue guarder. With a pleading cry out I threw him in head first, grabbed a drink and went on to enjoy the evening, well that’s what I thought. At that point everything went back to the way it was, the muttering noise of jargon and babble, chest thumping music from all corners and many smiling faces. Taking in the movement of this strange event I begin to recognize that there are several men with the same kind of bags that the young man had before yet no one seemed to notice, not even the security. Then there she was, in the midst of a crowd of politicians with a menacing look upon her face, lips fixed to belt a command of vengeance and terror. I quickly arise from my bar stool and then it hit. A cloud of gas filled the coliseum sized room so fast, not even a scream was uttered, and thankfully I was ready for some form of demise and covered my face to protect from this potentially deadly gas. I could hear the men unzipping the bags and then BANG!…BANG!…BANG! as it continued there was no more music, no more laughter or happy banter  amongst the crowds just…BANG!…BANG!…BANG! All I could think about was the children…my child for God’s sake but they had already made it to the children’s room…I couldn’t bear the thought.  I felt the gases affects larking in my lungs so I rush to find an exit. There were castle like pillars that overlooked and had climbing steps in the back. As I ascend once again I pray and beg that I will not find the enemy atop my safe place.  Once above I find two men readying weapons and the fear of death strikes my body paralyzing every muscle even my heartbeat begins to slow. As they turn, hollow tips focused on my chest I find the strength to utter for their help. Weapons down they rush to pull me in and begin to question about what is going on. As the blood begins to flow again and my heart functioning I realize that these are the hooligans that had greeted me before.  As I explain to them the series of events that occurred and the movement of the woman and her death dealers, they went on to explain that they were trying to warn me earlier to leave as they were going to take out the woman and her followers.

In the back of the house there were several kids’ amusement items like a large wooden rollercoaster, a craoyla cave, a bounce house and a labyrinth maze covered in vines. The men advised that I stay in the castle pillar till they call for me and they will look for my son. They provided a tracking device, radio and an automatic weapon that was intimidating just to look at. Once they were off I could see them in the distance approaching the rollercoaster, they were going to turn it on to lure the minions away from the home and pick them off sniper style one by one. The rollercoaster was next to the vine maze and what happened next was other worldly. Because the estate was so large my sister and husband had men in metal suites trained to blend in to the surroundings, like a chameleon their suites allowed them to mimic any landscape. As the men reached the rollercoaster one of the chameleon men busted out of the vines and went on full attack. The two men reacted fast and the chase was on, flipping, shooting, kicking and punching their way through the now active rollercoaster. The two men found themselves in favor of the fight as the chameleon man began to tire from his heavy suite. One of the men jumped on the back of the metal figure ripping the helmet off and revealing his human face. At that point the men were able to brief the chameleon man of the situation and advised that he should not alert the others as many of the security staff was working for the woman,  devilina as they called her. Searching the land for any survivors they went into the crayola cave and find three children coloring and playing away, completely unaware of the devastation that had become of their happy evening. Of these children was my son, I never felt joy like that moment in my life. The men raced to the piliar with the children and commanded that I take them through the woods and I will find their group in a brown van. As I descended from the pillar I warned the group that I heard a some of men talking about placing bombs throughout the estate and they were using blueprints to locate any hidden rooms and execute anyone within. The chameleon mans eyes filled with fear and annexed as he rushed to the panoramic window of the children’s room that was partially broken on one side. He said with a hush that there was one secret room created that was intentionally left off the blueprint and it’s in the kid’s play room and can house 100 to 200 people. The two men followed the chameleon man into the misty room of death and stolen lives to a bookshelf that expanded an entire wall. The chameleon man searched the shelves frantically looking for something while trying not to create noise and the attention of the death dealing devilina cronies. With a nervous shaky hand he pulls Dr. Seuss Wacky Wednesday from the shelf and the center slid back and opened revealing a hallway to a steal door. All men rushed to the door and knocked lightly in hopes that there were survivors. As the door flung open a frightened woman jolting a little silver pistol stared at the men confused and angry demanding answers and to be let free. Hiding in the shadows of the room was about 150 to 180 kids and young adults just as frightened and scared.  The men quickly assured their safety and escorted them out of the wreckage and into the woods to meet up with me, my son and the missionaries. Within minutes of rescuing the people from the secret room the first bomb went off in the far south sector of the estate. The blast was so strong it shook trees to topple creating panic amongst the survivors as they ran through the woods. Then the second, third and fourth came like the grand finally of a 4th of July fireworks show. Gripping my son tight I begin to relive the moments, weeping for those lost and trying to make sense of the devalina’s purpose of such hatred and terror. …..Then I hear Jill Scott’s “When I wake up”…It must be 5:45am, time to get up and go to work. Even though it was just a dream, like many dreams before it continues to play in my mind like a memory of a distant past.


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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