Into the flames

I must have caught your scent in the winds of winter licked hands and kerosene oil
Such an aroma, thick and heavy ignites our moments together
As your smile flickers in the flames of the night
It pains me to smile back but I can’t fight it
Through the seasons of our lives we have conquered giants
Prophesying on the day we were to become the king and queen of our own destinies together
… as One
Smiling in the face of opposition, planning to rise up a prince fit to carry your legacy
However with selfish desire I became the traitor and in ten steps I cried out to you in shame
And in silence you walked away in grievance and in pain

Tis the memory of a great love
Such a great loss, lifes completion undone
I shall wait an eternity for your return my love
I do not deserve your forgiveness but I pray one day that it shall be gained
As a tear for every moment spent has fallen timelessly for you to come back to my arms
You are my truth…My love…My King
Your face teases in the glow of orange and yellow as desperation forces my hand into the flames
Captured in the glimmer of our past life I feel no pain
Speaking out into the tear speckled ash as it falls upon my barren feet
A shaky somber voice shutters from the pit of my belly
Appear before me in the flesh as you do in heart
I am desperate for you…Without your love I am not complete
Come back to me, I beg of you
I Love you
I love you
I love you

I miss you

…In two steps I found myself wrapped in the flames of your arms
As your voice whispered softly in my ear, I have returned
We danced till our light burned out and the smoke of our memories carried in the winter sky
My heart has never felt so full as you kissed me and said
I love you
I love you
I love you

As our soul drifted apart into the night sky



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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