M12D302011: Pandora’s Box

Flashes of newspaper clippings, TV news reports and museums across the globe clutter my mind as I fall into sleep. Curiosity urges relaxation and then…

I find myself in the mitts of an early 1900 two story chaotic house full of my closest family members and the friends I hold dear to heart. Laughter and chatter lunge at my ears as if trying to keep me from hearing the news broadcast on the TV. I walk to the back patio next to the television to hear the buzz story on the news. The broadcaster announces the release of a very controversial museum display by an artist that has unveiled his unique and world changing masterpiece that is to be displayed across the globe. His oversized cube designs many have mocked as Pandora ’s Box have been assembled in secrecy at each museum location across the globe by the artist himself. Many called the man the Devil, others simply seen him as an artistic visionary yet he had promised that his creation signifies the true power of elemental life and humanity holds no bound. Captivated and wrapped with fear I hear the announcer proclaim that the day I find myself in is the day the displays will be activated…at that very moment even the announcer was puzzled with the words in which he had just spoke…activated, what did he mean by that?

Before I could fully wrap my head around what I had just heard, a swarm of children including my son bustled their way past me bringing in the warmth and alluring smell of a perfect summer’s day. Finding my way through the crowds of  loved ones, I couldn’t think of a more wonderful dream. Unable to fight the joy of the moment I allow myself to let go and take in the glorious scene that is unfolding before my eyes. I reach for the screen door to soak it all in as I am greeted by violent vibrations of resistance. Overcome by confusion as I am unable to remove my hand from the door and too begin to vibrate violently it all comes into play. All things metal had come to a halt, looking around me, cars outside had stopped in their tracks, people flung from bicycles, body jewelry and teeth fillings dislodging and or ripping from their owners suspending in space. Panic roared over the streets as phones, TV’s and radios no longer functioned; my instincts go into over drive as I assemble the children and lead them to the basement. As I ascend from the stairwell, laughter had transcended into somber cries from fear and mourning. Many cry out “The end of days!” yet it all becomes a blur as I scurry around the house to find the necessities for survival. Grabbing mattresses, blankets, can goods, bottle waters, life jackets anything and everything I could find, lunging them down the stairwell to the basement. Not sure if I am breathing I waste no time in alerting the others that we need to go to the basement for safety. While guiding my grandmother and some of my older family members to the stairwell door, screams from outside grow and strange dense noises arise in the air.  I slowly turn in fear of what it about to be bestowed upon my eyes; a large passenger plane began descending from the sky. It’s so close that I could see the passengers in the inside running to the back of the aircraft weeping or frozen in fear that they have meet their fate. Although helpless and scared, many people run from the streets and their homes to the park where the plane was headed. In slow motion the nose touched the ground taking out trees and vehicles cluttered in a surrounding parking lot. There were no explosions and at one point there was absolutely no sound at all, the whole world went silent in that very moment. Emotion and pain struck though my legs and arms, I could barely keep myself upright, shaking my head and praying for God to make it stop but in a tear filled blink the plane seemed to be consumed by the ground no debris, no hole….nothing. All who witnessed the horror of the plane crash seemed spellbound by disbelief and then the sky itself broke into a thunderous high pitch roar as planes and helicopter alike tumbled out of the sky, shattering the ideal of a once sought perfect summer day into the end of days it’s self. How could metal be controlled in such a way that any and all things that held metal were affected around the world? Completely disillusioned by the wrath of desolation unveiled, a man found his way to the door step of the house muttering about Pandora ’s Box. He starred directly at me but never attempted to open the door he just stared with lifeless eyes and a pale face muttering “humanity welcomed the devil and celebrated as he assembled our demise across the lands, we got what we asked for. The answers in the box….the answers in the box”. I knew exactly what he spoke of and never felt so mournful in my life, he slowly walked away continuing his rant as I closed the door in an attempt to muffle the sounds of death lurking outside these walls. Joining my family and friends in the basement set deep in the earth I knew the old house above couldn’t protect us from any form of dismay that could potentially strike at any moment. Barricading the children with mattresses, blankets and really anything that would help shield them from danger, I looked around to all my family members and friends and the true reality of the moment hit.   Buckling to my knees one of my best friends began to sing Radiohead’s  “How to disappear completely and never be found”, sobbing and in full tune he continues to stack can goods as the track to the song fumbles in and out of my mind as I chime in…I’m not here, this isn’t happening”… choked up in the emotion and connection he and I have to this very song almost brings me to the point of surrender but the children’s laughter ignites the warrior inside and I snap back into survival mode.

One foot upon the first step of the stairway the house begins to rock and shutter as the deafening sound of a jet engine brings us all to the floor, looking to see if the children are ok I find many of the men surrounding them covering their ears as the men cringe to bear the blistering sound, sobbing in fear, we all look to one another assuming the worse and pray to survive. Everything went completely black no sound, no sight even by touch I am no longer aware of my surroundings. Frustrated I cry out “Can anyone hear me” knowing I am not only crying out in my dream but very much so screaming out into the night air of my room. Clinching my sheets I tell myself to go back, we cannot end it like this. Taking a deep breath I refocus my thoughts and the flickers of the dream reform. Panting and running at full sprint I look to my left and right to find a group of family and friends treading alongside me with full fear upon their face and desire for survival in their eyes. I don’t dare think to look behind to see what we are running from but the drowning sense of danger that ripped across my chest as my lungs begged for oxygen was enough to keep me fighting to press forward. The destruction and carnage that flooded the streets and lands resembled the aftermath of a mass war field with sparse circles of survivors frantically racing to what I now see is a water coastline. No more aircrafts fall from the sky but large metal objects now break through the clouds and bulldoze their way to the ground, not knowing how this could come to be I no longer care, I just want to survive, I want to find my son and the rest of my family and friends. Arriving at  the coastline the basement that was once secured deep within the earth now floats upon the water like a large craft, harboring all my loved ones safely and unharmed. In overwhelming joy I leap into the great blue with no reservations or worries of what dangers may await me in the frigid, jousting waters. Swimming toward the floating cement craft as if I had become a part of the ocean myself a sense of belonging and familiarity blanketed my body and in an instance I didn’t want to travel any further. What is this feeling…to stay here in this watery abyss, abandoning my family and friends not knowing what is to become of me or if I could really survive….what am I thinking! Out of frustration I clinched my pillow tight within my natural body and reached for the edge of the cement craft within the dream to join my family and friends.

My senses remain on high alert as I find a seat next to my 92 year old grandma as my mother and aunt  fixed lunch for everyone with the food we were able to salvage. In that moment paper products that mimicked confetti began covering the sky as far as the eye could see, it was if the Lord was celebrating the end and rebirth of his creation. I looked at my Grandma pushing a large stack of paper as it lunged toward her from above and smiled. I then took a deep breath looking across the crowded cement floor now fluttering with happiness and laughter, drifting in the calm waters, carefree and joyful I look up and say thank you. The rain of confetti continued as I joined my family and friends, carrying along as if this moment was meant to be and then the Arcade Fire song “Wake Up” began to play and the sound surrounded us from all ends.

…and then I woke up

For those of you who may not know who Radiohead or Arcade Fire are I have added videos of each song that occurred in the dream. It is not often that a song or songs in this case play such a pivotal part in a dream of mine and once you hear the songs and perhaps re-read the instances in which the arise I am in hopes that you are able to delve deeper into the experience of the moment(s) .

Radiohead How To Disappear Completely (perfect audio)[Video]. (28, Sept. 2009). YouTube Retrieved Jan 1, 2012

In writing this dream record and researching videos I was so happy to come across this one as there is no other that could be a more perfect representation that seamlessly conjoins with the reality or non-reality if  you will and amaze that  is lucid dreaming. Granted my psychology “Id” wants to take you on a more clinically wondrous journey through the movie in the video but I shall restrain those temptation for now. Enjoy

Where The Wild Things Are [Music Video] – “Wake Up” by The Arcade Fire[Video] . (14, Oct. 2009). YouTube Retrieved Jan 1, 2012



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