M1D12012: Thieves and Trains

Racing through the memory of the dream most of the beginning comes in choppy white noise and images in old VHS quality on a small black and white TV. Not much can be recorded of it until foot steps on a linoleum floor resound in the distance. Ah yes…

Walking through the halls of my sons school a young man comes from a wall of glass doors leading to a walking trial alongside a creek with a railway crossing over. The young man seems troubled and upset as he approaches. With a clear sense of familiarity I ask the young man what is wrong. He goes on to explain that he was robbed along the trail and his wallet was taken. Many others began to gather at that time, just as young or far younger than the boy. With a need to protect and a fearless heart I rally the kids and we make our way out the doors in search of this robber. As the doors close I look back and get a glimpse of a much younger self in the reflective glass. Excited to see a more buoyant, stubborn and fearless self I guide the group along the trail. The young boy spots his bully walking across the above railroad tracks with a bike. Although this bully has a face of a child his stature proceeds that of any man. His giant like height and build of an ox has my conscious rethinking the initial plan of seize and attack. A little shaky I yell out to the bike toting gargoyle “hey you, come down here now!” Surprisingly, with no hesitation he makes his way to us, however he doesn’t walk or trot on his bike which he wields in his mammoth like hand as if it were a toy figurine. He floats in the air descending upon us as if he possessed some form of levitational ability. An overwhelming sense of flight or fight jolts my brain and my instinct tells me to fled, perhaps he is a warlock or sorcerer and I have bitten off more than I can chew but I remain frozen in my steps awaiting his first move. Now face to face, my feet firmly set on the pavement below, the larger than life young man seems harmless as his feet drifts weightlessly above the creek waters. He cracks a crooked smile and bears a few perfectly straight and glistening white teeth. I felt myself giggle in my natural body as I say aloud in my dream “a bad guy with perfect teeth!”. Questioning the seemingly gentle giant I demand he return the wallet he stole from the young boy who is now hiding in the bushes behind me. Once again with no hesitation he pulls the wallet out of his pocket and extends his dinosaur like arm across my little cronies and into the trembling bush. With a sincere apology the giant boy floated on down the creek, however he left something behind. Crippling emotions of loneliness and desperation cover me like a cloak upon my small feeble frame. Out weighed by this burden I stray from the group as they celebrate, counting the spaces between railway ties to keep from crying. Bearing the pain of someone else’s sorrow is a feeling all to familiar as I attempt to force myself to wake. Clearly a dream rich with conviction I’m thrusted into a passenger train funneling into a tunnel dark enough to absorb the very color from my eyes.

Clearly a new kind of chase has begun. Leaping across seats and bursting through railcar doors this game of cat and mouse seems exciting and fun! Still unaware of which role I play, I continue full force never steadying my pace. A last I approach the railcar before the engine room and with a startling halt an acquaintance from middle school stands before me like a Leopard cornering it’s pray (I now know which role I play). Like a game of tag he chases me about the train. The danger and excitement of it all heightens the surge of adrenaline as my natural body begins to heat up and the bed covers are flung to the floor with a lighting kick. Grabbing the brake clutch on the train a crowd of people form along the sides of the steam engine clapping and cheering as if I had just won a grand race and in fact it was so. I jump off the train and quickly fish for my phone to capture pictures of this momentous moment. Snap shot after snap shot I try to upload them to my facebook page but get an error message every time. Upon waking I think to myself, how silly am I to really think I could use technology in a false reality.


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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