M1D102012 – Friends: Episode ST1 Season Z – The Lost Star Trek Episode

At the start of recollecting the dream of the night before, blurry images and muffled conversations knocked about in my frontal lobes. As I steady my thoughts, a strike to my limbic system converts to a smirk riddled across my lips as a chuckle of disbelief arises from the pit of my belly. I think to myself, my word did that really occur in the dream.

You may read the title and think to yourself…what in the heck and well I don’t blame you. This was definitely one of those dreams where my brain clearly picked random things out of a hat and said poof here’s your dream, enjoy. Unfortunately neither Kirk nor Jean-Luc Picard, Spock, Data or any of the other crew members of Star Trek across the years made an appearance but the dream did take place in a landscape that highly resembled the starship enterprise. The element of the dream that truly went a rye was the “cast” if you will of individuals that I boldly went were no one had gone before. The whole cast of Friends, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross were all there and things were clearly going to be very strange.

During the dream this concoction of missed placed memories within this bizzaro dimension seemed common place and proper. The vessel although having a reflecting resemblance of the Starship Enterprise was apparently stationary and not meandering about in the great abyss of space. We all wore lab coats and were very focused on something clearly serious. I stood in the center of the room for a long period of time, puzzled by the faces and hum of excitement and intensity in the atmosphere.

In a hollow room of piercing light a dense metal contraption arose from the ground, with curiosity I followed the swarm of coats to the area. Unaware of the purpose of this apparatus I reached out to a data code terminal next to the intricate fixture of steal and brass electrodes to input an odd amount of numbers and letters which apparently I knew by memory. With eyes as wide as the sea we all awaited tentatively for the metal monster to respond. Then it happened…

A vibration of electricity surrounded us from all angles, unsure of what to expect I felt myself clinch my teeth in waking life and in dream a reflective-like surface coated the wall behind the machine. Looking around at the others, their expressions were tense with excitement and anxiety, bodies stiff and feet firm to the ground as if in fear of missing even a millisecond of the majestic experience befalling before our very eyes. At first sight it appeared to merely reflect the very room we stood in but the more we stared we realized that although we see ourselves the reflections were not our own, they were not mirrored images at all.  As some fled in fear, others cheered and approached the images on the wall. Although a bit shaken with fear myself, my curiosity preceded me as I stood face to face with myself. No one spoke at first, then in a roar of laughter one of the two dimensional images breached the illusionistic plane and stood in full perspective and appeared very real. All the other images followed suite and approached their counterparts. Dumbfounded by what just occurred many conversations fell short of mature dialogue and consisted of shy flattery and insecure inquires at first, not knowing what to say or what to ask, well…ourselves. Once communication began to flourish, time seemed to have sped up, as many things changed over the course of first contact. Relationships and romance developed between sides as the portal remained open and people freely came and went through the gapping window of our grand discovery, a personal wrinkle in time. To assure the world outside our realms could not gain knowledge of our perfect secret all communications were terminated and barrier doors sealed, no one was to get in or out of the facilities.

Things seemed to go one for years within the dream. There was peace amongst both sides and although we were physical replicas of one another, we were all very different individuals and shared great knowledge with one another. even though the dream was rather mellow, I continue to have pop-up images of Joey from Friends in a wedding halter dress and sneakers, belligerent drunk and crying hysterically because his other self wouldn’t marry him and  myself and two others were trying to hold him back from going to the other side to find the other Joey. Not sure where that was going but it was the moment I woke up so perhaps that was the storm wall before the downfall of peace amongst the two sides, but who knows.


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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