M1D42012 – Get Over Your Hill and See

Many of my dreams take place in locations that hold deep sentimental value, especially my family’s old house in the country. It was a blue brick one story home with a two car garage and  four bedrooms spanning across the floor plan like a maze. There was a massive living area that could have easily been divided into two very large living areas with an oversized sliding glass door leading out to a cement patio facing a small old decrepit home that an elderly lady lived in until her dying day. There were two bathrooms, another smaller living area near the front door, a fairly medium-sized kitchen space and a dining room that had a stage! Yes a stage with a mirror backdrop, it was indeed my favorite area of the house and to this day one can only imagine what the original owner’s intent was to have such an interesting addition built-in the dining area of the home. Although it was my favorite room on the house I don’t recall spending much time there. The home itself was surrounded by a sizable chuck of land that had its own unique characteristics and played a huge part in my joyous days of imaginative play and family events.

Recollecting the memories of the dream, quickly it all came back into view. There was a mass party being hosted at this house of a past life however this time the structure was very different.  Perched atop the left portion of the house right above the garage, appearing a bit misplaced and awkward was a strange second story addition. As I was walking down the steep roadside gazing upon the overflow of familiar faces scampering the landscape and weaving in and out of the house I felt rather eager to take on the adventures of this dream. Passing by the tire swing in the front yard I was confronted by a group of old high school friends. One of the guys began to tell me about his start-up business and handed me a coupon for a free sandwich at his restaurants grand opening as another insecurely mumbled about how he would love to d.j the party as he missed hosting parties dearly. Neither of these men pursued such endeavors in waking life so I found it quite strange that they would speak of such things even in dream. None the less I continued toward the house, greeted by handshakes and strong hugs, the atmosphere was truly inviting. Taking in the moment and absorbing the many faces I had not seen in years, it was like a grand reunion of both family and friends in a place that housed similar memories within my waking life.

The music was intense and extremely loud, and the atmosphere was very different from outside as the only light throughout the house was projected by low illuminating red fluorescent lights and flashes of yellow from swinging bathroom doors. The house was nothing like it was in reality and the warmth of familiarity was washed away by confusion and disarray.  Another affiliate from my early years approached me; his facial expression was puzzling as he looked very worried and concerned about something. He pulled me aside to a small corner right below the stairs and with a soft voice stated that he didn’t appreciate me drinking all his beer. Although making no sense to me, he clearly felt I had wronged him. Unable to really take hold of the conversation or question his motive for thinking I had done such a thing as drink all his beer I quickly apologized and walked away. Fleeing up the stairwell of the makeshift second floor to a large master bed room with dark red flooring and poor lighting I watched as a woman relieved herself in a bottom drawer of a large dresser in the far corner of the room. Alarmed by her actions I hastily made my way for the restroom alongside the entrance door. The bathroom was in all white and brightly lit with a sink and two stalls. Hearing voices emerge from the corridor of the room I quietly slide into the far end stall locking the door behind me. Completely confused by everything I struggled to keep control of the dream but I did not wake.

On the wall of the stall there was a full length mirror the projected my reflection but with every movement I made my reflection was out of sync and delayed. I had on black stilettos, a black skirt and a red shirt covered up by a mid length pea coat.  Unbuttoning the pea coat revealed a healthier looking me which was flattering at first but agitation quickly took center stage as I was fully aware that my true physical state was still in the unhealthy category if you will. Wanting to escape this emotional jail I tried to open the door but it was sealed shut and I then realized that the dream had gotten the best of me. Turning my back to the mirror I hung my head and let go, completely surrendering and accepting defeat. In the moment I closed my eyes Mumford and Sons “After the storm” began to play but it was very different from the original. Sarah Mclachlan was singing the chorus over a stripped down melody of only string instruments (no guitar). After the Storm is by far one of my most favorite Mumford and Sons songs and has heart-gripping power within its own but this rendition literally brought me to tears within my dream and within waking life. It was truly a gift for my soul as there is no such version of the song in real life yet it was to my fortune that this special version played in my mind for three days after having the dream. Mumford and Sons version truly touches me deeply and rises up pieces of my spirit that are painful yet humbling, at times I have to remind myself to breathe when I hear the song. I could go on for days writing about the beauty and amaze that is the music of Mumford and Sons and how they have brought new life to story telling in music but perhaps another time.

Mumford and Sons – After the Storm
[Video]. (11, Jul. 2010) YouTube Retrieved Feb. 1, 2012


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