M2D142012 – The 18th Hour

Standing upon a hill with grass seamlessly covering the earth below and a color so rich that it gave off the presence of perfection, I didn’t dare move. Looking up into the sky, it was no different. The clarity and crisp colors of emerald blue and magnetic hues of purple flooded my sight and for a moment I lost myself in its seemingly infinite reach.

Snapping to, I looked around at a landscape much like a computer simulation of a small village, yet I was the only one logged in. While taking in all the elements of this strange and very new place, three incredibly large organic shaped pieces of metal began tumbling about in the sky. At first they spiraled at a slow pace, passing overhead with a grand roar as if possessing an energy source within that was cuffing away to keep the mass metal forms afloat and moving. Once the last metal figure crossed above me the shapes took a violent turn as they barreled into the sun at lightning speed. Scared and disillusioned by what just occurred I remained very still with feet firmly planted into the grassy knoll. Petrified that if I made any movement, the structure of this world would be disrupted and something terrible would happen. Looking back toward the sun it began to grey from the center out as if the metal objects had absorbed into the sun, killing it from the inside out. Unsure what was to happen next I watched as the sun died and the sky dropped from above. Buried by the weight of the sky I closed my eyes in hope that the dream would shift.

With the feeling of water trickling down my body the weight of the sky began to dissipate as I opened my eyes to an aged wooden floor and the smell of cedar yet the sense of urgency continued to flow through my veins. A bit embarrassed I arose from the floor unaware of how long I had been laying there, why I was laying there or whether the first part of the dream was simply a dream within a dream.

Walking around trying to focus and gain some form of control I noticed that the house was very familiar yet masked over with a wooden finish and the atmosphere filled with a very strange yet new energy.  Passing by a large cellar like door my son appeared in the hallway, smiling. At the sight of him, new and disturbing thoughts began to flow through my mind as I swept him up in my arms and ran up the stairs to a room full of children’s things. I began pulling all the clothes out of the closet, layering my son in winter clothing and taping several pairs of gloves to his hands and shoes and boots to his feet, weeping I spoke “this won’t be enough”. Still smiling my son said nothing yet I could feel him crying out for protection.

Six o’clock kept repeating in my head however I was unaware of its relevance. Carrying my son like a bulbous football down the stairs a young girl caught my eye as she scurried down the steps of cellar door. She didn’t seem familiar yet I felt that we were more the strangers than she. In the kitchen an emergency broadcast pierced through the speakers of a TV hung above the breakfast table window. Six O’clock flashed over the screen in red as a computer generated voice announced that “all will be lost at Six O’clock, everyone is to take shelter and prepare for the worst, and may God have mercy”. Slowly placing my son on a table stool, I dropped to my knees as the events of the beginning of the dream begin rushing back and I realized what this stirring emotion of fear and helplessness derived from. The world is going to fully freeze over at the 18th hour and there is no escaping as the same elements that killed the sun have buried themselves in the core of the earth….the time was 5:35. As the broadcast ended the TV went black and the sky outside no longer reflected beauty in emerald blue, it was as wicked as the evil that reigned in the belly of this cherished rock making its way to destroy us all.

Many footsteps could be heard from all around the house; we clearly were not alone but who were these people?  The young girl seen before emerged from the cellar very disoriented, gripping a pink baby blanket. As she turned to my son and I with a large flesh-like leach covering a part of her right eye which was dark red around the pupil she said quietly, “the wash is done”.  Outside of her appearance there was something very wrong with the girl, as if she was no longer herself,  possessed by something unnatural or demon-like.

 Standing between her and my son I looked into her damaged eye and the images of what happened to her flashed before me with a painful rush of adrenaline. I watched as the girl was parted from her body by a force that could not be seen. The spirit of the girl stood alongside gripping my arm crying, begging me to make it stop but I could do nothing. Gasping for air I came to, still standing between my son and this thing. In fear of what its purpose was, what it wanted or could do to my son and I; I grabbed my son rushing by the demon screaming for help….the time was 5:55.

In the mitts of the desire to live and to protect the life of my child I calmly walked back into the crossway where the demon stood. I stared it dead in the face and said with an absolute conviction “you wield no power over me or my son, I can and will destroy you, you’re a coward and hide in the innocence of our young yet nothing can be protected from the wrath that is to befall upon this world and now you too are trapped to follow the same fate.”

Tightly embracing my son I begin to walk down the steps of the cellar, closing the door behind. Both bounded from head to toe in clothing and blankets we watched as everything around us began to freeze and then in a blink I could only see darkness for what seemed like days…the time was 6:00am when I woke up


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