M4D42012 – Glass Door Secrets

A royal shade of blue seemed to coat my eyes like a silk scarf wrapped delicately around my head. At first I felt detached from my body, floating within a compact space; still and weightless. Within seconds a robust collision of chatter began to fill the space around me. The once solid blue slate before me began to take shape moving across its self, swaying back and forth like flag in the wind. With no hesitation or sense of harm I watched as the varying shades of blue played amongst one another catching glimpses of what could be faces, hands and or feet. Capturing my full attention a hand lunged toward my face pulling it down as if pulling a sheet from over my head and coldness seemed to centralize around where the flesh of my cheeks used to be, or where they still were. I struggled to mentally process what had happened or what was thought to have happened. Flustered in a buzz of confusion I looked down and no longer saw blue, but now two very worn and tethered men’s shoes greeted me from below. Startled by the fact that I was no longer alone I jumped back and turned my head in surprise as I was afraid to look at who stood before me. Calming my body in waking life the colors began to return around me in my dream state. This time striking greens and deep reds saturated the ground and appeared to flow through me as well. Cautiously I study the flickers of color rapidly changing around me, so to not be caught off guard by another attack but nothing happened for what seemed like hours. Although standing strong my eyes began to tire and it become extremely difficult to focus on all the shades or red and green. In one blink all went dark, almost black and then the dream transitioned to a food market. All I recall about the food market was that it was much like a WholeFoods Market but there were no people or food except one or two items in the isles which seemed endless. The main part that continues to flash in my mind was these huge French style glass doors that were everywhere. The above lights would hit the glass at an angle and a physically visible beam of light would completely cancel out my vision like someone blowing a high powered fan while flashing a utility flashlight directly into your eyes….I wondered what mysteries they’d unravel but could never get close enough to open a door


Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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