The Gaze of Judgement

Softened feet stumbled across jagged edges of uncertainty
The fear of falling into histories timeline of failure and disappointment thrashed from within
Shards of regret twisted and contracted, wrapping around my neck like a thorn laced collar
Forcing a silence upon these lips
Canceling every utterance to break the cycle
The devils grip seemed to never tire…
And I am only flesh and bone
But in the gaze of judgment this voice was set free
I must not give up…

Once guarded by the illusion of innocence coated in a false sense of protection
The wicked had no need for rest…
And my spirit thirsted for restoration
And in the gaze of judgment my soul was set free
I must not give up…

The consequences of a reckless life seemed to only lash at those of another face
And with a stubborn fist I rebuked such a fate
These eyes shall never suffer the hand of judgment!
…A foolish child was I
As it was the longing gaze of judgment that set this mind free
I must not give up…

Disconnected I faltered through time
Hands wet from wiping the tears of self-centered sorrows
As every opportunity for elevation slipped by
The inability to control what hands wish to touch and eager thoughts provoked into action
Waves of hollow voices viciously reverberated in every corner of this wrenched heart
Blackening the blood the flowed through this vessel with heavy guilt and shame
Yet when if felt as if I could no longer go on
It was judgment that set this heart free
I must not give up…

Judgment = Freedom and He will never give up

Let Him set you free



Thanks for reading I look forward to your feedback

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