Graphite and ink laced paper

12 a.m. stumbling through ruminates of a far more artistic time. Everything from meeting and lecture notes to napkins and restaurant receipts littered with sketches and poetic expressions competing for the same space. Their lines, shading, hash marks and script amongst such straight laced mundane verbiage tell a story of a restless determination, passion overflowing. Digging deep within this cluster of graphite and ink laced paper, rediscovering great works of artistry I try to refuel the feeling, the mindset, the hunger, desperately searching for the passion within. The calling came upon me once before but the fear of letting go shook my faith and desire with a grand, halting roar.

So again I find myself fixed in the moment upon this hour
Reaching in to find a part of who I used to be
Beneath the flesh and undercloak of emotion
My true self eagerly waits to be set free
Searching this host of great beauty all the signs are laid out before me
“Let me guide you…I have so much to say…release me”

Release me…

Yet I find myself so troubled…lost
Collecting reflections of a very dark time
Perhaps a release is not what is requested but a redirection
I must find light…

I must find the light



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