Just another entry into my Gonzo Monologues….

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Since I have been taking the prescribed medication I haven’t been slipping into my darkened corners however I’m not to close to the light the shaded area seems to fit me well. The down fall of this new reprised positivism is that I no longer join the world in
the nightly ritual of sleep, dreams, rest peace or comfort that falls over all as they lay in their beds however I do lie there but my body remains fully
alert of all aggravating senses and my mind shifts and bends like a never ending movie marathon of my life mixed  with fantasies and day dreams. All the thoughts of the day  arise at once fighting for attention from my consciousness gittering about like a flock of old birds hacking away at the fat of life trials and what ifs. All the frustration surges through my body forcing my limbs to stretch, twist and flop about like a fish out of water even my
lungs tighten as I  fight this new monster that has burrowed inside. Teasing throughout the day, like a child’s toy this inhabitants within my mind forcing sensory reactions of sleep and fatigue uncontrollable contraction of the jaw constricting in a constant pattern of relentless yawning creating a tiresome feeling more and more however I know that it’s all a trick these eyes have yet to see rest yet they have seen all the creatures of the night and early morning times scouring and worming about not worrying of being incognito, unseen but what they don’t’ know is that their whole essence and nature has been revealed before me and I know now of  their secrets but that’s all beside the point.



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